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The Android community loves YouTube Vanced, a customized version of the official YouTube app. There is a slew of extras you won’t find in Google’s official YouTube app. For example, ad blocking is built-in, and background playback is available without paying for YouTube Premium. YouTube Vanced may be set up right here in this hub. On the Google Play Store, you may get this app. You’ll have to download it to have a look if you’re interested. YouTube Vanced is a new feature that I’ll examine in detail in this review.

YouTube Vanced Features

Feature 1;

You may download videos from YouTube and other websites without using the official app with the help of the Download Manager in YouTube Vanced. The YouTube sophisticated download manager is pre-installed when you download the Google Play app. To download videos, browse through them using the tabs on your phone. You may also utilize this functionality to access other websites outside the Play app.

Feature 2;

A new feature that enables users to play YouTube videos in the background instantly has been added to YouTube Vanced, and it is now available in version 1.3. In the video tab, you get quick access to different videos. Users may adjust the playback speed and quality using the customized version 1.3.

Feature 3;

The new YouTube Vanced Theme Manager tool makes choosing and modifying your chosen theme simple. A variety of themes are available, and you may choose between them at any time from the main menu. Black music is still the most popular and default, although many lighter and pastel color schemes are available.

Feature 4;

YouTube Vanced’s video playing improvements include smoother playback, fixed height, fixed-width videos, and improved format recognition. This feature also resolves the problem of movies that do not entirely load for the first few seconds. The videos now load rapidly, even on low-bandwidth smartphones. When using a phone with an HD screen to view videos on YouTube, the Vanced Hdr mode enhances the picture quality dramatically. This feature allows you to watch in high definition.

Feature 5;

Improved resizing options are available in the current dance version. Using this function, you may change the size of your Android smartphone to fit the screen resolution of your choice. Devices like the SGH2, Exmor P, and HTC Desire HD include the High Definition Resize feature. YouTube HD for Android is an excellent option because of its superb function.

Feature 6;

Installing the Advanced Network Interface YouTube Compared to the regular Android app, the advanced Android app offers a more user-friendly network interface. You can now see all of your current network settings in a pie chart, allowing you to decide which apps run at boot time. New applications may be found in Google’s Now Launcher’s “What’s New” area. The ability to choose a different ringtone as your default has been added. A built-in dialer is available for sending SMS and making phone calls to any of your Google Now-registered contacts.


Other than the capabilities mentioned above, the new official YouTube app for Android has a distinctive and fun layout. This browser’s whole user interface gets a friendly and inventive makeover thanks to the Google Search bar in the upper right corner of the browser. A new tabbed system has made it much simpler to move across the site. Apart from these, the new YouTube Vanced APK is one of the favored downloading applications for Android smartphones because of Google Now functionality, unique features such as the ability to alter existing videos, easy-to-use video player, anti-spam capabilities, and other user-friendly choices.

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