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whatsapp plus
Android VersionAndroid 2.3.2+
Size2.5 MB
DeveloperMartin Tokar

WhatsApp Plus Apk

WhatsApp plus is a popular messaging program. This app is now being used by more than one billion individuals worldwide. In today’s world, communication is an essential element of everyday life. To stay in touch with one another, many people have used mobile devices. Online communication applications have revolutionized an entirely new manner of interacting. Now that there are so many applications available that allow individuals to share messages, videos, photographs, and data with one other, it’s easier than ever to communicate.

There are several advantages to using WhatsApp Plus Apk instead of the regular application. End-to-end encryption and security are now features of this updated application version. This modified version comes packed with a slew of valuable options. You may customize the appearance and feel of the app to suit your preferences. Change the app’s fonts and the look of the home screen. You can effortlessly download and install themes from an extensive collection using the program. Privacy and customizability may be improved.

WhatsApp Plus is an anti-ban version of WhatsApp that is entirely free to use. First, remove the original program from your device and then reinstall it to prevent issues. It generates a backup and stores it in the cloud automatically. It has a built-in cleaner that lets you remove old conversations and media files to free up storage space.

What are the fantastic features of WhatsApp Plus?

Theme Gallery.

You may browse and download many themes for WhatsApp Plus from inside the program itself. Each subject is distinct from the others. For a better user experience, you may even modify the theme’s design and the UI. Text, buttons, and icons may all be recolored. There are about a thousand different themes to choose from. The theme may be downloaded and applied without any issues. For those who like a darker theme, there is a dark theme as well.

Updates to Emoticons

More emoticons are available in this program version, so you can express yourself better while chatting. Emoticons and emojis are plentiful in WhatsApp Plus. For an even better experience, you may utilize Google Hangout’s emoticons or iPhone’s emoticons. Your buddies will be impressed with your extensive knowledge of emoticons when they get these emojis in their messages. Any emoji version may be selected in settings and used in your conversations. Your profile photo may even be hidden from the rest of the world and only seen by a local group of individuals.

Privacy Protection

This software combines excellent functionality with a higher level of privacy protection. Status and profile privacy settings are both editable. Change the privacy settings of a user account only to allow certain people to see it. Anybody who doesn’t want to see your status may conceal it. Make sure no one can see your profile image. It’s best to reveal your last scene or status on social media. Double tick and blue stick symbol may be hidden. Even after you’ve read a message, the other person will still only see one tick. You may share whatever you want while keeping the forward sign hidden from the media.

send large videos

More extensive and longer movies may now be sent. Send a larger number of photos instead of ten. With WhatsApp Plus, you’ll be able to transmit high-quality pictures and videos without having to compromise on quality or size. The maximum size for an audio file is 100 MB, while the maximum size for a video file is 50 MB. Send many photos at once with no problem. You may send long movies to your loved ones.

The App Icon Can Be Replaced

The app icon may be customized using a built-in function in WhatsApp Plus. You have a plethora of options when it comes to app icons. For a personalized look, choose the fonts and the home screen design. Optimized for Android devices, the software is excellent. It’s a pleasure to work with you. For a more enjoyable experience, WhatsApp Plus has a user-friendly UI. To get the most out of the program, be sure to check for updates and then download and install the current version.


WhatsApp plus is a more feature-rich version of the popular messaging software with a broader range of capabilities. Utilize this program in order to conceal your internet identity and to send images without compression.


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