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App NameVizer Tv
Version V3.1.2
Size8 MB
Category Entertainment
Developer Vizer Corporation

Vizer tv apk

Vizer Tv ApkVizer tv apk enables users to watch free online movies, seasons, and anime material. One may effortlessly view any movie, whether it is dubbed or in its original version, with this programme. Because of the third-party servers, apk vizer has been able to provide users with the ability to view anything on the built-in players without having to download the material, as well as on any external video player such as vlc and other similar programmes.

Vizer tv offers a diverse selection of channels through which you may catch up on your favourite programmes that are broadcast on a regular basis for free. You may receive all kinds of fascinating material without having to pay for anything by downloading the vizer tv apk.

The interface itself is quite user-friendly, and it displays a huge list of newly released movies and other television series. In the meanwhile, if you are interested in something else, you may choose it from the list of available categories.

Apk vizer is exclusively built for Android platforms, and it can be used on any Android smartphone, tablet, or other device that is powered by the Android operating system to perform well. Using the Chromecast capability, it can also be linked to your Android smart TV for even more functionality.

Furthermore, quality has been emphasised; everything is accessible in high definition to make the viewing experience even more delightful for the viewer. You will need to get the vizer apk from this website since it is not accessible on the Google Play store. You can find the download link on this page. This page contains more information about the software’s downloading and installation methods.

What are the Features of the Vizer TV APK?

Video Player from a third-party source

Users may view any kind of material on their external video players like as vlc and many others by using apk vizer, which is available for free. As a result, the audience is not obligated to continue attempting to view material in just one quality via a single platform as a result of using this app.

Content that is provided free of charge

Vizer tv app contains material that is free of charge and does not need a paid membership. Any content that may be seen with this app is completely free of charge.

There are no downloads required

Due to the fact that this software enables external players for watching anything, users will not be required to download anything

Improved Quality

Download the vizer apk to watch your favourite movies, TV episodes, and series in the highest possible and fully customizable quality.

Multiple Variety

Having access to material from all genres will allow you to pick from a variety of options such as movies, television series, drama serials, and more.

Depending on the content, Vizer tv offers its customers the choice to either watch it in its native language or with subtitles enabled.

Adjustable Quality

The ability for the audience to adjust the quality according to their preferences has been provided. Users have the ability to alter the resolution from 380p to Full HD and wherever in between.

How to Download the Vizer TV Apk?

Follow these steps to install the vizer tv apk on any Android device you may have.

  1. Allow your device to accept connections from unknown sources.
  2. To get the app, just click on the download link.
  3. Save the downloaded programme to your computer’s file manager.

How to Install the Vizer TV Apk?

  1. Allowing an app from an unfamiliar platform to be downloaded to your smartphone.
  2. This page provides a link to download the app.
  3. Save the downloaded programme in any folder of your choosing.
  4. Install the programme that was saved.
  5. Launch the application.
  6. Play material via an external video player or send it to a Chromecast for viewing on a television.


There are a big number of applications that provide movies, television series, and dramas, but they demand a high price for their services. Vizer tv apk is a free application for Android smartphones and smart televisions that does not need any payment. It features changeable quality choices, as well as the ability to share the screen with a television through the Chromecast function.

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