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FM WhatsApp APK is a tweaked version of the official WhatsApp application. If you’re using an Android phone or tablet, you may update to the most recent version by downloading and installing it.

Today, WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging programs. More than 1.5 billion active monthly users were projected to be using the app in 2017. These modifications and knock-offs are a result of the success of the app. As a result, these APKs often include extra functionality that the original software does not have. Like any other app, FMWhatsApp – Fouad WhatsApp is the only one among the numerous.

App NameFM WhatsApp APK
VersionLatest Version (v18.90)
Size52.8 MB
Total Downloads 1,000,000+

Download and Install FM WhatsApp APK on Android

We strongly recommend creating a backup of your WhatsApp chats and media assets before installing the WhatsApp mod. The app’s removal will erase all of the app’s data from the device. Therefore creating a backup is essential. Your data will be permanently deleted if you don’t back them up.

To ensure the safety of your data, take the following steps:

  • Launch FM WhatsApp and choose the Menu option.
  • Go to the Settings menu.
  • Click on Messages.
  • Select Chat Backup from the drop-down menu.
  • To store this to cloud storage, click on the Backup option.
  • Allow installation from “Unknown Sources” when requested.

The steps to activate this feature on your mobile device are listed below

  1.  Navigate to the Settings menu
  2. Select Security from the drop-down menu.
  3. Configure your browser to accept files from “Unknown Sources.”
  4. The most probable place to find the APK file is in your downloads or file management APK file by clicking on it.
  5. Press the “Install” button to begin the installation process. 6.
  6. As a result, you should allow time for installation.
  7. To open or complete the installation, click on the Open or Done buttons.
  8. Open the program that was just installed.
  9. After launching, click on “Agree and Continue” to continue the process.
  10. Click “Copy WhatsApp Data” after entering your phone number.


If you’ve followed all of the directions above, you’ve successfully backed up your account. To restore your system to its previous state, click the Restore button.


What are the Features of FM WhatsApp


You may be asking what the key distinctions between the two WhatsApp modifications are. There isn’t much of a difference between these two modifications, but if you’d want to compare them, we’ve laid down their descriptions and critical features for your convenience.

The need for additional functionalities sparked the development of APK modifications. Most programs and games are also available in an APK format for those who prefer that format. WhatsApp is the same, regardless of whether it’s free or customized. These third-party modifications are in high demand because of the additional features that you can’t find on their original version, and FM WhatsApp provides you with precisely that.


FMWhatsApp has various features and functions that might help you decide whether you want to download it on your phone.


Freeze your last seen

The original version of the messaging app allows you to conceal your most recent message if you don’t want others to read it. Even if others have enabled their own last seen messages, you will not be able to view their account activity if they haven’t. FMWhatsApp, on the other hand, is unique. However, your pals cannot spy on you if you have FMWhatsApp installed. The patch allows you to conceal your last seen message from prying eyes, but you can still view the last seen of your contacts.

In FMWhatsApp, you may choose to hide your view status

Have you ever desired to keep tabs on the whereabouts of someone else without drawing attention to yourself? What if you were able to see your friends’ tales without their knowledge? You can accomplish just that using FMWhatsApp!

We know it’s a little unnerving, but there are occasions when you want to view the videos of the people you’re ghosting sneakily. Because of this, FMWhatsApp has a function that allows you to conceal your current viewing state.

Hide delivered with blue ticks

There are times when we are too busy to respond to our communications, and we unwittingly leave our pals out of the loop. Even if it’s a minor oversight, this may generate friction in close friendships and romantic partnerships. Or maybe you’re still working on the ideal response. In any case, you must hide the blue tick indication when you encounter these issues. Until you reply to your friend’s WhatsApp message, the blue tick will not appear on yours. This implies that you don’t have to answer quickly to all of your communications.

Hide Text that is typed or recorded

Have you ever found yourself staring at your phone in disbelief because you couldn’t figure out how to respond to a message? If they see you’ve been typing for an extended period on the messaging app, your contact will be mortified. Until you’re ready to send, you may chill out with FMWhatsApp and craft the ideal reply. The patch hides the typing and audio recording indicators to avoid feeling compelled to respond fast.

Send a text message to a phone number without keeping any contact information

Occasionally, we need to communicate with specific phone numbers to complete a transaction. That doesn’t mean you want their phone number on your phone’s contact list indefinitely, of course. You can accomplish just that using FMWhatsApp!

Thanks to this hack, sending texts without preserving the recipient’s phone number is now possible. This function is available to save the hassle of deleting the phone number after you’ve sent a single SMS. Anyone with many contacts but no personal relationship with them, such as a company owner, would find this function valuable.

Forwarded emails are no longer marked with the tag

The recipient’s contacts are informed if a message is forwarded in the original app. With FMWhatsApp, you no longer have to worry about being accused of being a copycat since you can now transmit great words and interesting stuff without being accused of being original. With FMWhatsApp, you may continue to play the fabulous person you’re not around your loved ones.

Choose who can contact you

When a caller is persistent in following up with you, it may be pretty inconvenient. Using FMWhatsApp, you can now choose who can call you and who can’t. ” This tool is very useful for friends that phone in with a grating voice.

The anti-delete status and texts

You may also examine the articles that other users have previously deleted to maintain tabs on their activity. In FMWhatsApp, you may view stories and statuses that have been removed from the app. It’s not only tales and statuses that can benefit from this capability. A deleted communication may still be seen by you, even if it was sent to the incorrect person or if the sender mistakenly sent an unpleasant message. For a good chuckle with your pals, this function is a must-have.


Are you weakened by a monotonous design? WhatsApp’s default typeface may be driving you crazy. FMWhatsApp offers the answer you’re seeking, whatever it may be. Observe this FM. A call-blocking feature is also included in the latest version of WhatsApp. You may get it at

The interface, backgrounds, fonts, and more may all be customized with this mod. Customization possibilities abound, allowing you to create the messaging app of your dreams. Isn’t it wonderful? Everything is completely free.

Directly from our website, you may get a virus-free version of FMWhatsApp. These versions have been thoroughly vetted for malware and anti-ban. A temporary or backup phone number might be used if you are still unclear whether WhatsApp’s original app will blocklist your phone number.


Using an app for an extended period might get irritating, even if it’s still working well. Modifying your software is perfectly acceptable as long as you’re aware of the dangers of WhatsApp blocking you. Installing FM WhatsApp will allow you to modify the default colors in your WhatsApp messaging app’s theme. A wide variety of themes are available. XML files may also be used to import themes from other sources. You may alter its typefaces and color schemes to personalize your phone further. What are your thoughts on the use of modifications in games? Is this your first time using FMWhatsApp? Please share your stories in the space provided.

Are you prepared to take a chance on modifications to have a good time in messaging? Then go ahead and download the APKs. Please share your thoughts on my new app in the comment section that follows.


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