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WhatsApp Aero
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What is Aero WhatsApp

Now, everything is online, and most individuals prefer online contact. The core of communication is now internet messengers and other calling tools which link individuals. Communication has grown more secure with end-to-end encryption. There are many programs that a person may use for texting, file sharing, phoning, and sending voice notes. WhatsApp is one of the most popular communication programs on the internet. Several customized versions of WhatsApp like WhatsApp Plus, Aero WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, GB WA, and YO WhatsApp are accessible to download without any trouble.

WhatsApp Aero is a popular and successful customized version of WhatsApp. This upgraded version delivers new features and more customization possibilities to a user. Many users are migrating to this app because of customization choices and bonuses. There are dozens of Aero Themes available, which you may install to make your WhatsApp seem distinctive. Customize and design your theme. Change the colors and font style of this app. Get complete access to home screen customization.


Fourteen (14) distinct home styles are available like Telegram Style, WAMOD, WACA, NL Mods, and more for your WhatsApp home screen. You need to uninstall the original version first and then download this updated version of WhatsApp. You can adjust practically anything from settings. Customize the chat screen and home screen independently.


Fantastic Features of Aero WhatsApp

DND Mode

This patched version of the programme contains DND mode, known as Do Not Disturb. The app will enable you to switch off the internet to not get any communication from the app. You do not have to switch off the Wi-Fi. The app will no longer be linked to the internet. There are several fantastic features available such as you may alter the icon of the programme. You may schedule a message, and the message will be sent at a set time.

Increased Image and Video Limit

WhatsApp aero enables you to transmit more than 10 (ten) photos at once. In this new version, the maximum number of photographs and videos that may be sent has been raised. WhatsApp has added the ability to transmit videos of up to 100 MB in size. Send more high-quality photographs and videos without sacrificing quality. Moreover, the video file size restriction has been lifted. The proximity sensor may now be turned on or off via the app. It allows you more freedom to transmit media files and other such things.

The titanium backup

The titanium backup function of WhatsApp Aero automatically backs up your app data. You can now quickly generate a backup of your WhatsApp data and save it locally or in the cloud. It’s also possible to go back and forth between speaker and earphone output. The app’s performance has been significantly improved—a greater degree of privacy control. To keep your online status private from others, you have the option to conceal your last seen date and time stamp. You don’t need to save a phone number to communicate with someone through direct messaging. It’s simple to stop communicating with anybody you don’t want to.

Create a Secret Key

When using WhatsApp Aero, you may protect your account’s confidentiality by entering a password. Setting a password for your WhatsApp account is an excellent way to keep your messages safe. Alternatively, you may use a fingerprint or a pattern lock. Adding a security question is all that’s needed if you ever lose your password and need to re-enter your credentials. Hide media files from the gallery in an instant. If you don’t want the material to be stored on the app, you may enable it to be saved to the gallery. Use the anti-delete status tool to view status and photographs that have been erased. So that no one bothers you, you may choose who has permission to phone you.

Absolute Opposition to Any Form of Ban

This new version has been made to be entirely non-bannable. This version of WhatsApp may be readily used. First, you must remove the original version, then download and install this modified version. The user interface is entirely customizable. Themes and colors may be swapped out for new ones. Customize your fonts at the click of a button with hundreds of available styles. The blue tick option may be turned off. When forwarding media, you may conceal the forward message symbol. You have a plethora of options when it comes to emojis. The use of an auto-reply option expedites the exchange of information.

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